Pusat Studi

Warmadewa Research Center was founded by the Bali Province Korpri Welfare Foundation to encourage research activities, as well as become an institution that effectively distributes research grant funds to support various research activities at Warmadewa University. Aspiring to become a high-ranking research institution in the East Indonesia region capable of producing research with local context but inheriting global insight to support sustainable development rooted in tradition and local wisdom.
The Center for International Development (CID) carries out and manages research oriented towards development studies in multidisciplinary approaches. The CID actively researches to highlight the importance of sharing knowledge in dealing with the development issue. At the Center for International Development (CID), we believe that harnessing the capabilities of diverse perspectives is crucial in facilitating inclusive development. Our approach focuses on enhancing knowledge capabilities, conducting research that guides development policies in developing areas, and assembling talented individuals to promote and develop creative ideas in our research agenda
The issue of climate change is a pressing concern that has garnered significant attention worldwide. Changes observed in Earth’s climate since the mid-20th century are driven by human activities, which in turn brings about the emergence of zoonotic diseases, impacts biodiversity and ecology. The Center for Climate Change at Warmadewa is a multi-disciplinary research group focusing on cutting-edge research on climate change and coordinating efforts at local, national, and international levels, involving governments, businesses, civil society, and individuals to mitigate emissions, adapt to impacts, and build a sustainable future.

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